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DTF Paper

  • We have ordered from numerous suppliers, no one compares to DTF Discounts! Thanks Guys! - Richard K.

  • This company understands customer service. No wonder they're the leader in DTF supplies. - Sean L.

  • Best in the business for a reason. - Johnny S.

  • NOT ALL INK is created equal! They're ink doesn't crack which saves me so many headaches! - Patty B.

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Feeling Creative?

The greatest part about DTF printing is that you can create anything you can imagine. Also, you can press these transfers on nearly everything!

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Yes, it is in stock.

We started DTF Discounts because we were tired of trying to order from 10 suppliers because nothing ever seemed to be in stock. Rest assured, we have it.

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Building a Business

Learn EXACTLY how we built a DTF Business that did over 200K per month from a garage in 3 months.

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Not all Powder is Equal.

We learned this the hard way. Powder is what creates the chemical reaction that allows the ink to stick on the shirt. Trust us, it can cost you a fortune if you do get the right powder.

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We understand what it takes to run a business because we run a business.

  • Customer Service

    We hate terrible service, so why would we give it to you?

  • Delivery

    Most people need what they order yesterday. Don't worry, we understand :)

  • Quality

    There is nothing worse than sending a product that reflects you that sucks. We promise to do our part!

  • Education

    We want you to make more money, thats why we use our experience to help you with ideas to grow you company.